As one of the industry's most experienced international moving companies in Peru, Gil International Movers are a skilled team that stand out for their passion in their work and for their assurance to achieving outstanding service. Our excellence is mainly based on our leaders who have more than 20 years of experience in the market.

Patricia Gil
Patricia Gil

With more than 20 years of experience managing moves, Patricia leads the team with passion which is transmitted to our clients when offering a reliable and personal service.

Wendy Olave
Wendy Olave

Youth and experience add to the company an air of freshness and confidence. Wendy thinks that perfection is found in attention to detail. She focuses on the quality and satisfaction of each client.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Service

Every move is special, so we are aware of every detail to provide you with the most appropriate solutions.


Experience is the basis of knowledge. Our company accounts with movers and managers with more than 20 years on the moving market.


Our customers are our best references. Therefore, our results confirm our experience and excellence.

Testimonials & Reviews

José Torrico

GIL INTERNATIONAL MOVERS is the best moving company of Peru and every time I schedule my moves nationwide and international is the GIL INTERNATIONAL MOVERS my elected by its proven efficiency in this highly competitive market

Paolo Delgado

The company always attentive to the requirements we had,
good service and professionals in the field. Thank you!

Diego Cortegana

A 100% recommended service. Very punctual, they arrived, in the blink of an eye they packed everything and without realizing it, I was already in my new home. Very good service and they comply with biosafety protocols.

Maria Sarmiento

The experience has been excellent, despite the fact that they packed our things just 2 days before the quarantine began, they worried at all times to keep us informed of the situation of our things and the windows of opportunity for shipping by ship. Very fluent and professional communication and we are enormously grateful. We would hire them again without a doubt. Thank you!!

Belatarr ROC

My wife and I were fascinated by his professionalism, dedication and dedication. Although we moved in the middle of the Pandemic, Gil Movers managed to solve all the obstacles and send our household items. We would move in with them again without a second thought. Highly recommended!

Darko Saric

Amazing move in service. I hired them the first time to move my things from the US to Peru (many delicate items such as musical instruments and recording equipment) and I received everything in agreement and without any scratch, so much so that I hired them again for my move within Lima.

Francisco C.

From the beginning the GIL company was very professional. We hired them to move from Peru to the US - in the middle of the pandemic, they respected all security protocols - and things arrived flawlessly in the agreed times. Thank you!

Alberto Olivas

They have given me a perfect service in a move from Lima to Madrid that has included the transfer of my two pets. We have been very happy and grateful for the professionalism and attention of Patricia and her team.